Services Offered

Rankin has extensive experience in design-and-build operations, having successfully completed a wide range of projects in this way, including roads, bridges, commercial and residential structures, industrial and agricultural projects, etc.

Rankin is ideally placed to offer such a service having a team of engineers experienced in the design of a wide range of projects. With project managers who have a track record of delivering the highest quality and meeting time constraints in harsh working environments, Rankin provides a service that has satisfied many of its clients. 

To achieve cost effective and efficient turnkey operations, as well as promote local entrepreneurship, Rankin not only works with large established contractors in the delivery of such projects, but has also trained and developed a network of small scale outfits that have become specialists in their field. This combined with well-established and cordial relationships with suppliers, makes Rankin an innovator in the design-and-build field in Zambia. Over the last few decades, Rankin has invested heavily to ensure that sufficient in-house resources and equipment are available to carry out such projects at short notice, significantly reducing the lead time in delivering projects.

A few examples of works carried out in this way include the construction of urban roads in major cities, numerous bridges around Zambia, commercial and residential multi-storey buildings, construction of agricultural installations, etc. with total values exceeding $80 million.

Recent Turnkey Projects Include:

  • Rehabilitation of 540km District Roads in Northern Province – four year Maintenance Scheme (2006- 2010)
  • Lumumba By-Pass in Lusaka
  • Mutinondo River Bridge
  • Kalungu River Bridge
  • Nemfwe River Bridge
  • Rehabilitation of urban roads in Mbala