Services Offered

Zambia has  a renewable focused energy mix through its abundant hydropower resources which account for approximately 85% of total production. With demand for energy growing at a rapid pace, additional and alternative options to hydropower are now  being developed that are clean and suitable for the conditions in Zambia.

Rankin has been involved in the field of power generation for more than 25 years, mainly concentrating in the hydropower sector. With recent interest in tapping Zambia’s vast solar and wind energy potential, Rankin has been the local consultant of choice, partnering with large international consultants and contractors in the development of renewable energy sites.


Our involvement has included design of civil infrastructure and ancillary works, environmental and social impact studies, geotechnical and materials investigations, hydrological studies, topographic and bathymetric surveys, flow measurement, etc.

Among its recent assignments, Rankin has participated in a wide range of hydropower projects, including preparing the detailed designs of all road and urban infrastructure for the Kafue Gorge Lower 750MW project. In addition, the firm has been involved in several solar PV installations, including the 50MW Solar PV Ngonye site in Lusaka’s MFEZ, a well as numerous commercial installations . Rankin has also been engaged in several wind studies, including the World Bank funded Wind Resource Mapping carried out across Zambia, and the Feasibility Study for the 130MW Wind Power Project in Pensulo, Zambia.