Services Offered

With urbanization and vehicle use increasing at a rapid pace in the Southern African region, efficiency in traffic management has become vital to urban planning and development. Rankin Engineering Consultants’ traffic engineering division provides solutions to mitigate the impact of traffic for both the public and private sectors.

Rankin’s approach is to work closely with clients, planners, road authorities and the public during planning, design and construction stages to ensure present and future considerations are fully integrated into projects.  Our aim is to provide long term innovative, cost effective traffic management solutions that will ensure proposed measures are safe and efficient and meet required levels of service.

Rankin have conducted a variety of traffic studies which include traffic impact assessments, site traffic assessments, origin destination surveys, national traffic counts and decongestion studies for both rural and urban settings. Our clients range from road authorities to residential and commercial developers in the public and private sectors.

In addition to conventional manual surveys, Rankin utilizes METRO Count automatic counters to collect accurate traffic data. Traffic data is modeled using the latest version of SIDRA traffic analysis software.  Junctions are designed using CAD software calibrated to applicable geometric standards. These processes ensure all our solutions meet local and international guidelines.