Services Offered

Zambia has a wealth of natural resources but faces increasing threats from deforestation, wildlife trafficking, industrial pollution and climate change. Changes in climate pose significant challenges to Zambia’s ongoing efforts to combat poverty,  reduce food insecurity, and sustainably manage natural resources.

Our customers face a challenging and changing business environment within which Rankin Engineering Consultants provides market leading environmental and social impact assessment services to support our customer’s EHS and sustainability needs through the entire life process of a project. 


We specialise in helping our customers achieve their outcomes in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We work closely with all stakeholders during every stage of project development to ensure that environmental and social considerations are fully integrated into project design, delivery, operation and end-of-life processes . Our aim is to develop management and mitigation measures that are technically and economically feasible, and that minimize environmental and social impacts.


Rankin’s environmental services include:
  • Identifying and scoping project permitting requirements and necessary environmental/social studies.
  • Managing an impact assessment program including:
    • Costing and planning the impact assessment program;
    • Building teams of in-house and external consultants with expertise specific to the nature of the project and its environmental setting; and
    • Preparing detailed briefs for baseline studies.
  • Undertaking comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential environmental and social liabilities/risks.
  • Liaising closely with the client, project engineers and, where required, regulators and financiers.
  • Facilitating government, community and other stakeholder liaison at key decision points during the impact assessment process to ensure stakeholder concerns are engaged in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Preparing environmental and social impact assessment reports that conform to the requirements of the regulators and integrate the project design, environmental study findings and proposed management and mitigation measures.
  • Developing international standard ESIAs and supporting plans (ESMP, SEP and RAPs that meet ZEMA/AfDP/IFC/World Bank and other international funders’ standards.
  • Calculating a business’s Carbon Footprint and providing solutions to reduce/offset their emissions