Construction Supervision of Mongu to Tapo Road (Completion-2016)

Rankin was hired to thoroughly survey and investigate the flood plain between Mongu and Kalabo, ascertain the problems with the initial design and construction that failed, and develop final designs for the construction of the 34km embankment road connecting Mongu to Kalabo, along with design of twenty six bridges. The main bridge span measures over 1 thousand metres across the Zambezi River. Rankin Engineering Consultants was subsequently hired to supervise the construction of the $286.9 million project through the Barotse flood plains. Rankin was responsible for working closely with the Contractor to construct this road in sandy conditions, which included several dozen reinforced concrete bridge structures on piles in sand over 70m thick. This iconic project employed over 3,000 people over a 5 year period, and will serve as an economic gate way to Angola.


Design Review and Supervision of the 169km Road T005 from Solwezi to Chingola 

Rankin carried out design update and supervision of construction of 170km of the T5 road from Chingola To Solwezi in the Copperbelt and North Western Province. Works included selective reconstruction, and chip seals. The project also included the full design of the 5km urban stretch of road which linked the Kitwe-Chingola and the Chingola-Kasumbalesa road, a very heavy trafficked route through the city, with significant drainage issues and geometric requirements


Structural, Civil and Electrical Design Validation for Ngonye Solar Farm in MFEZ, Lusaka

Rankin was engaged by WBHO to provide technical backstopping and support for the preparation and approval of all drawings for construction. This included a review of all design drawings previously prepared, as well as complete new design drawings for related infrastructure. Works covered the CU foundations, Warehouse, O&M buildings, road and drainage infrastructure, etc.


Design and construction supervision of 100Ha mixed used development, Lusaka

Rankin was contracted to survey and then design the road, water, sewer and electrical reticulation infrastructure for a brand new housing development in Lusaka. Works involved over 4km of roads, 3km of sewer and 3km of water services. Following the design, Rankin conducted tender evaluation and  construction supervision of the project.


Geotechnical Investigation and Materials testing of samples, Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika

Rankin was engaged to carry out comprehensive geotechnical investigations at Mpulungu Port, Zambia, as part of an African Development Bank (AfDB) funded development project. Works included core drilling in soil and rock, collection and logging of disturbed and undisturbed samples, SPTs, as well as trial pits and related sampling works. Materials were transported to Rankin’s ISO certified laboratory for testing. The client was provided with a comprehensive geotechnical report of all findings. The site works and the resulting report were vetted by external experts for approval.


Design of access roads and new township for Kafue Lower Hydro Power Project

Rankin carried out full topographical survey and design of the proposed access road (25km) and the proposed township to house workers and their families for the new hydro plant. The site was located in very challenging terrain with steep sided hills deep valleys, demanding a high level of engineering input to control slope stability and allow access for heavy equipment to the site. The township design included water and sewer reticulation as well as terrace design for houses, sports facilities and schools.


Design of 310m Levy Manawasa Bridge 

Rankin carried out topographical survey, geotechnical investigation and design of the post-tensioned box girder bridge across the Luapula River between Zambia and the DRC.


120Ha Mixed Use Development – Design and Supervision 

Rankin was responsible for the design of the road, water and sanitation network for a new mixed-use development including various housing types, commercial areas, industrial units, schools and places of worship that would accommodate over 8000 inhabitants in Lusaka, Zambia. The scope included full site topographic survey, highway design, services network layout design/modelling and treatment works design. The water supply system included a 2500m3 ground reservoir and a gravity fed network of over 4km of pipework. The sewer network design included over 5km of pipework and evaluation of various treatment options before finalising the design of the chosen solution – stabilization ponds. Rankin was then contracted to supervise the construction works.