Construction Supervision of Mongu to Tapo Road (Completion-2016)

Rankin Engineering Consultants was hired to thoroughly investigate the flood plain between Mongu and Kalabo, ascertain the problems with the initial design and construction that failed, and develop final designs for the construction of the 34km road connecting Mongu to Kalabo, along with design of twenty six bridges. The main bridge span measures over 1 thousand metres across the Zambezi River.

Rankin Engineering Consultants was subsequently hired to design and supervise the construction of the $286.9 million project through the Barotse flood plains. Rankin was responsible for working closely with the Contractor to construct this road in sandy conditions, which included several dozen reinforced concrete bridge structures on piles in sand over 70m thick.This iconic project employed over 3,000 people over a 5 year period, and will serve as an economic gate way to Angola. Below is a list of undertakings performed by Rankin:

  • Detailed site investigations, including topographic and bathymetric surveys
  • Detailed hydrological and hydraulic investigations including 2-D modelling of the 25km wide floodplain to determine flood levels
  • Geotechnical testing at all bridge sites
  • Geotechnical and structural design of 34 bridge structures
  • Design of pavement structure
  • Environmental assessment
  • Contract Administration
  • Materials testing and quality control
  • Daily site supervision